White Foam Board

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48x96 3mm White Foam Board


Acid free foam board consist of eco-friendly polystyrene foam core sandwiched with  two sheets of acid-free white ,bleached ,semi-glossy cardboard, with pH neutral and will not become weak, brittle or yellow with age.


White Acid Free Foam Core Board Features:


The product features facing paper with a PH between 7.7 and 8.2.

 Ultra light weight

Strong and rigid

Ideal for a wide variety of uses

Acid Free and ph neutral

Anti UV treated to resist yellowing

Non-toxic to humans

Produced without CFCs

Made from recyclable polystyrene

Easy to cut

Work well with adhesives, paints and markers.


White Acid Free Foam Core Board Application

Acid free foam core board provides a acid free barrier between the mounting board and artwork. 

Ideal for screen printing, die cutting, mounting, framing and prototypes.

This product is for indoor use as it is paper based.

 Sizes available:

Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm