White Foam Board

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Grey foam board

RF230,also named grey foam board in industry,a wonderful idea back up for large framework and great mounting foam board. Strong, stiff, resilient and lightweight.

Applicable on POP display stand, offset printed boards, electronics tray and so on. foam board can be easily cuts with mat knife and may scored and folded for three dimension such as architectural models. Cuts at each of three successive depths ill produce a neat edge to the board.



We also name this item grey foam board,since the thick cardboard coating on both side of the polystyrene foam core i sslightly grey. This cardboard features smooth,and accept ink,paint and marker.


Lightweight but strong and rigid to resist denting and crushing. The resilient polystyrene core bounces back after cutting to keep the board uniform edge to edge. The smooth surface satisfies a wide range of mediums including markers and paint.


1.Recommended Applications 2.P-O-P Displays Short-term application life 3.Exhibits & Kiosks Short-term application life 4.Framing Long-term application life 5.Signage - Interior Short-term application life


Thickness:3mm/5mm/10mm(1/8";3/16";3/8")_ Sizes:A1,A2,A3,A4,508mmx762mm(20"X30"),762mmx1016mm(30"X40"),700mmx1000mm(28"X40"), 1000mmx1400mm(40"X80"),813mmx1016mm(32"X40"),1016mmx1524mm(40"X60"),1220mmx2440m(48"X96"),Tolerances Thickness +0/-0.3mm ,lenght-width +2mm